Emily Kobliska

download (1)Our lives are stories waiting to be told. Documentation of daily life is a central theme in my work. I record everyday happenings through the use of photographs, image transfers, written journal entries, sketches, paintings, and collages. This is how I tell my story. This is how I remember and reflect. I find the small, often overlooked details to be the most interesting and feel this is what makes our stories worth sharing. I preserve memories of certain people, locations, and emotions through my art. All of my pieces reveal unique narratives and provide a snapshot from a moment in time – a moment of my life. My wish is for others to seek out the stories embedded throughout my work. I hope this encourages people to reflect upon the lives they are living and inspires them to creatively share their experiences with others.

Emily Kobliska is an artist who can’t seem to pick a medium she likes best so instead she dabbles in many. She is a small-town girl who is most comfortable when armed with her art journal and camera. She also enjoys exploring the world of image transfers. Emily graduated from the University of Iowa in 2005 with a degree in Art Education. She intends to graduate with a Masters of Science in Effective Teaching this spring from Drake University. In addition to creating her own artwork, Emily currently teaches K-6 Art in central Iowa.


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