Andrew Clarridge

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an artist, I don’t think I ever truly wanted to be anything else. I graduated with a BFA at Iowa State University in the Fall of 2009, and am doing my best at pursuing my dream.

My work is a personal reflection of experiences that are common within all of us and is an attempt at understanding the human condition. I’m often attracted to and intrigued by cultures that are/or have been ravaged by the modern industrial man. I feel attracted to these seeming lost ways of living, and attempt to reflect its influence upon me in my work. This type of art can be described as primitivism, but I don’t want to define one artistic ideology, and I allow myself to be as open-minded as possible so that I may continue my artistic growth.

Currently, in my painting, I use any mark-making tool at my disposal to tell an almost patch worked story. Words and phrases are left exposed, erased, painted over, and worked into characters often on paths of self-discovery. I allow layers to peak through others in hopes to tease the viewer’s eye to looker closer and attempt to put it all together.