Andrea VanWyk

“I am a lifelong learner, continuously learning and exploring.” I believe as Austin Kleon does in his book, Steal Like An Artist , that we are a combination of our experiences. I am a synthesis of my family, traveling, and a few select authors and artists. My current work is an exploration of organic subjects… Continue reading Andrea VanWyk

Andrew Clarridge

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be an artist, I don’t think I ever truly wanted to be anything else. I graduated with a BFA at Iowa State University in the Fall of 2009, and am doing my best at pursuing my dream. My work is a personal reflection of experiences that… Continue reading Andrew Clarridge

Charlotte Redman

My goal as an artist is to create what I feel to be aesthetically pleasing paintings, which evoke an emotional response, from the viewer. A response, be it positive or negative, with the hope that the painting makes the viewer an active participant through discussion. I achieve the desired response through experimentation with color, texture,… Continue reading Charlotte Redman

Chris Vance

My work is a diary. My family, the chaos and change that comes with it, are a major part of my life. In some cases, I incorporate those events into the “body” and titles of my work. The process that I use is like chance. They are sub-conscience marks that take shape while creating space.… Continue reading Chris Vance

Christian D’Cruz

Jacque Hudson

I was born and raised in Des Moines, IA. and graduated from Grand View University with BA’s in Visual Arts, Graphic Design, and Creative & Performing Arts. For over a decade, I have worked as a professional artist working both independently and collaboratively as a painter, illustrator, muralist, and designer. My works are inspired by… Continue reading Jacque Hudson

Jeff Rider

M.F.A. Painting, Drake University 1993 B.A. Painting and Graphic Design, Grand View College 1990

Josh Sorrell

Iowa native Josh Sorrell produces representational artwork altered by abstract elements. Using oil or charcoal as the preferred medium, Josh examines themes of personal and cultural significance while also attempting to draw a new perspective from accepted ideas. Subjects are often presented within a surreal atmosphere meant to strengthen their impact. This focus on combining… Continue reading Josh Sorrell

Kristin Aulwes

How often do we ignore the beauty around us? In this crazy world of cell phones, sky rises, and non-stop schedules, we often pass the beauty and miracles of nature surrounding us. I strive to create life in the work I make. A nature lover, I associate many things with images of flowers, landscapes, and… Continue reading Kristin Aulwes

Kristine Clemons

I graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in 2000. I have done various shows around Iowa for 16 years. Been involved with Paintpushers for 15 years.

Melynda Van Zee

My work is inspired by the challenge of intuitively transferring the invisible into colorful abstract shapes and forms. Working with a process of layering transparent acrylic paint on canvas, I seek to capture brief glimpses of the emotional and spiritual landscapes of my soul. My artwork arises out of quiet reflection and awareness of my… Continue reading Melynda Van Zee

Patrick Leer

My work has developed over the past two decades, starting with more representative work, and gradually becoming more and more abstract.  This happened naturally over time.  I rarely start a painting with any preconceived notions of where it will end up.  I may have a specific color or shape in mind, but there’s very little… Continue reading Patrick Leer

Robb Romero

Robb Romero is a self-taught artist from Des Moines, Iowa. He studied at the University of Iowa, earning degrees in English, philosophy, and gifted education. He started sharing his artwork professionally in 2016. His mixed media art uses the tools and techniques of graffiti to explore his own limitations: time and color. ️  

Sarah Schroeder

I am a self-taught chalk pastel artist. I work in commercial printing full-time. Vintage imagery has a heavy influence on my own artwork. Visit Sarah at

Tim Wicker

At the very core of my art is an experimentation in the pursuit of some sort of beauty. An attempt at progression towards a proof that life has meaning. That suffering isn’t this pointless exercise it so oftentimes feels, but an essential part of a greater whole. “To me, my art is an act of… Continue reading Tim Wicker