Melynda Van Zee


My work is inspired by the challenge of intuitively transferring the invisible into colorful abstract shapes and forms. Working with a process of layering transparent acrylic paint on canvas, I seek to capture brief glimpses of the emotional and spiritual landscapes of my soul. My artwork arises out of quiet reflection and awareness of my life experiences. My goal is to awaken the viewer’s creative spirit through color, texture, and movement.


Melynda Van Zee uses spiral imagery to express the deep inner work necessary to finding equilibrium and energy to pursue a creative life. The spiral is one of the most commonly found design forms in nature and is symbolic of growth and transformation. From the galaxies to DNA to our fingertips, spirals are prevalent in natural formations and are one of the most efficient ways for something to grow. For the past ten years, she has used her painting process as a method of internal excavating to discover her path.
Melynda Van Zee creates acrylic paintings with vibrant layers of translucent paint enhanced by swirling dimensional line work.  She shares her fine artwork at art exhibits and shows throughout the United States. Her works are in the collections of numerous private and corporate collectors. She is the author of an art technique book, Painted Scrapbook Pages, published by Lark Books. Melynda earned her BA in Elementary Education and Art from Dordt College. Her studio is located in the heart of the prairies of central Iowa.

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